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PocketHLSW is a Google Gadget for use with iGoogle, Google Desktop or Syndication. The gadget provides your iGoogle home page with a list of 10 servers that best meet your filters and shows you where your buddies are currently playing so that you can easily connect to a server without having to even load HLSW. Perfect for those who are not fussy and just want to get into the game or just join their buddies at whatever they are doing.

PocketHLSW currently supports a huge range of games, if you can play your game using HLSW then you can definitely use pocketHLSW.


By modifying a basic set of filters within the settings panel, the browse tab will find a list of 10 servers that fit the entered criteria. The list is ordered by the servers with most players to make sure you will always find a server with players to join and play against.

To connect to a server just click the HLSW icon!


When your userid has been entered into the settings panel you can access the buddylist tab. The buddylist shows you a list of all your currently added buddies along with their current status. If your buddy is already in a server without you, just click their name to join them!


The news gives you access to viewing the latest HLSW news so you are always upto date.

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PocketHLSW is written for Google Personalised (iGoogle) and Google Desktop. PocketHLSW is not a standalone application, it is a Google gadget.

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Visit the Google PocketHLSW page to add PocketHLSW to your Google homepage.

When using Google Desktop, add the URL