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HLSW v1.2.0 final online

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Friday, 10 August 2007

With this version, which contains the newly implemented Buddylist feature, its now possible to find other players and chat with them, for all HLSW supported games!
Even the new ones, that have been integrated into this release:
Nexuiz, Tremulous, STALKER, Pariah, ioquake3, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault and Postal 2.
To use the new feature, you just have to register a HLSW account here on
Besides this there are many more changes and bugfixes, along with improved support for CoD and CoD2.
More Details about HLSW v1.2.0 can be found in the Changelog.

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User Comments

On Aug 11, 2007 Mass wrote...

Still no support for INS yet then? Ah well, roll on 1.2.1 :D

On Aug 11, 2007 Mass wrote...

Oh also the trace route doesn't work still on vista-not sure if you were aware or not

On Aug 11, 2007 Kenterfie wrote...

INS and Vista Support comes with the next small bugfix release

On Aug 11, 2007 Mass wrote...

Is there a rough eta yet? don't mean to be pushy-just love HLSW and can't wait for a 100% working version-keep up the good work

On Aug 14, 2007 Extreme_One wrote...

Any chance you could email me when a new version is available? Pretty annoying not being able to log into RCON on my CS:S server since upgrading to 1.2.0

Also how about letting me/us see unicode characters in console? It's irritated me for ages that player names keep getting scrambled in console logs.

On Aug 16, 2007 hagz wrote...

cool but i need the timeout issue fixing thanks for all your efforts though guys.

On Aug 31, 2007 [IP]Voxnam wrote...

Hmmmmm I dont have any problems using Rcon. My server is a fresh install so that could be it.

On Sep 15, 2007 Kissaki wrote...

I hope this doesn't increase cpu/ram usage...
I programs with tons of features and worse and worse performance (like new Windows Styles).

ET: Quake Wars is missing :)

On Sep 16, 2007 Juzzy84 wrote...

Yes, ETQW is missing..

And in 1.2.0 I can't double click on the applications menu (top left hlsw icon that has move, resize, close) to close it, it won't close..

I'm using Vista Home Premium.. this is an annoyance..

but keep up the good work... also why do we have to login to hlsw? .. whats the purpose of it?

On Sep 16, 2007 Detritus wrote...

ET:QW will be added to 1.2.1, the next release.
The purpose of the login is to give you access to the HLSW buddylist & chat, more features that are planned in future.

On Sep 16, 2007 SETIssl wrote...

a beta version for testing etqw support can be found in the hlsw forum now.

On Sep 20, 2007 Kecman wrote...

i installed this new version on my Vista Home Premium and it doesn't work right. every time i put a server list, it dissapear when i restart the hlsw program. sometimes just a couple of servers dissapears. why?

i've had to install the latest old version HLSW v1.1.6 and that version works fine on my Vista Home Premium.

when i put a password in a password box for a certain server, server disconnect me when i try to connect because it doesn't read the password from pass-box. why?

On Sep 22, 2007 DynoSauR wrote...

I posted a request about an updated buddy list a long time ago in the forums. The type of buddy list/player tracker would be one that looks for a particular name including any color codes used in the name.

That had been a very nice feature in the All Seeing Eye program and has worked great for years.

Just make it so you can click on a player's name while they are on a server and add them to your buddy list/player tracker and have their name appear when they are playing on a server that is on your server list.

Not everyone uses HLSW as much as you may want it and that type of buddy tracker would be much more useful than the newly revamped version.

Gamers already have Xfire/irc and the host of other messenger programs to use to communicate.

A buddy list that is useful for all players even ones that don't use HLSW would be more practical.

On Sep 22, 2007 zarac wrote...

I cannot auto-login in offline mode anymore. I really liked that feature so HLSW started up as quick as possible. Maybe you could bring it back in the new version?

BTW thanks for an awesome product and for throwing ioquake3 in there so i don't have to use two applications for my gaming. =D

On Sep 24, 2007 chumly wrote...

Could you make the use of the buddy system optional. I don't want to be forced to login before accessing my server list.

I also have odd issues with certain servers. This happened in 1.1.6 as well. A specific server will time out for 5 seconds, every other five seconds. Very odd, and irritating. Its an issue with hlsw, as the server is still responding and pinging when hlsw thinks its down. It will be the same server every time I fire hlsw up. When I upgraded to 1.2, the issue moved to another server.

Quake Wars support is needed. :)

On Oct 1, 2007 CYBER4WOLF wrote...

I am using the a beta version for QW.
HLSW v1.2.0.1-beta
Copyright (c) 2000-2007 by Stripf Software
Creation-Time Sep 17 2007 01:30:08
ET & ET-Rcon support works great.
QW works but no luck with QW-Rcon.
Everytime I exit HLSW it crashes.
No big deal to me, I just wanted to let you know since its beta.

On Oct 24, 2007 takuyafire wrote...

Here's a nub question.

Will it ever be possible to listen to mic's ingame, as no doubt most games will incorporate this.

Once again, apoligies for nub question but if that would be possible it would be brilliant.

On Nov 28, 2007 rrowi007 wrote...

Wont work in Vista i cant update the servers in the Mohaa serverlist looking forward to get the update so it's Vista supported.
under xp it's a real good and handy program.....!!

On Nov 28, 2007 Hijack wrote...

When I type in the Rcon Password and press Test Button, The Status print:Bad ChaL ?
How to solve it???

On Nov 29, 2007 pedorap wrote...

hello I have a problem with hlsw, port 7130 appears to me closed and it does not connect the servant and tried to open the ports in router but it does not work some solution? I am registered and all that

On Nov 30, 2007 COL.MAC wrote...

hey i run xp and love this program, has been very good to me i run DAZED&CONFUZED cod2 and 4 servers
Question. When will you have support for the new call of duty games [ rcon ] as i am unable to change maps or update server ,only shows players
can auto enter ,kick ,kick&connect and ban ,but thats it ?

On Dec 5, 2007 Chaos Llama wrote...

Whenever i close HLSW i get a memory error (regardless if im connected or not connected to a server). I'm using Win XP Pro SP2. Does this happen to anyone else too?

On Dec 8, 2007 Monja wrote...

any hlsw for mac OSX ¿?

On Dec 29, 2007 rugantino wrote...

The stats don't seem to be calculating correctly. After a while running everyone looks like they have about the same exact stats

On Jan 25, 2009 leta wrote...

no comment

On Apr 25, 2009 MidlifeAxe wrote...

Are they releasing HLSW for Mac?