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HLSW Tutorials

Thursday, 8 February 2007

We are currently updating our tutorial section in the HLSW Wiki to make HLSW even easier to use by new users and maybe teach a few new tips and tricks to our many long time users. So far one new tutorial, in both English and German, has been added that explains how to use the Gamers-Search server list type to find servers. However, hopefully many more tutorials will be added in future.

If you have any suggestions for future tutorials that the team should cover feel free to contact us or just use our Wiki yourself and write your own HLSW tutorial.

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User Comments

On Feb 24, 2007 NHDriver4 wrote...

Regarding the tutorial, you should really make this feature more obvious in HLSW. I'll bet that most people didn't even know HLSW did that. I've been using for many many years, and I didn't...

On Feb 26, 2007 Detritus wrote...

We know, and we are trying to improve on it. :)

On Mar 6, 2007 NHDriver4 wrote...

Sounds good. If you'd like help in any way, let me know. I'd love to give back in any way I can to a program that I've been using for uh, since it came out I guess.

On Jul 31, 2009 turks wrote...

4 days, still trying to find out how to run the program. All ports are open, following user guides and stuff but it still doesn't connect to servers. No troubleshoot exist...