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HLSW v1.1.5 fixes Rcon problems

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Saturday, 9 December 2006

Since the latest Steam Update Valve changed the output form of the source rcon protocol, which resulted in a problem for hlsw to receive the server log from the updated servers.
With the Bugfix in this Release the problem is now solved.

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User Comments

On Dec 9, 2006 rostokmcspoons wrote...

I'm afraid it hasn't worked for me :(

I'm now definitely running 1.1.5, but our DOD:S server does not respond - I still get the same error message. As far as I'm aware the server is completely up-to-date (it's a freshly built server in fact). It's running Mani v1.1.0zk.

On Dec 9, 2006 gerrardome wrote...

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On Dec 9, 2006 gerrardome wrote...

Doesn't work at all...worsens the problem even!

I had to re-install v1.1.4 and then patch the file and then turn logs off then on again to get the logs.

And even then there was no way to CHAT on HLSW.

This version is a TOTAL FAILURE as I'm VERY SURE your team RUSHED THRU to finish it.

BUT IT DOESN'T WORK! Don't waste our time man...Thanks!

On Dec 10, 2006 stuttering.john wrote...

1.1.5 works perfectly for me.

note: i didn't hex hack or hotfix hlsw, i just waited for this fix.


On Dec 10, 2006 SETIssl wrote...

please check, if your server is up to date on the current version : 2949

On Dec 10, 2006 daggerfrink wrote...

Does not work on any of my CSS Servers.

On Dec 11, 2006 doulos wrote...

Didn't work until I updated the server - now works perfectly.


On Dec 12, 2006 Canon_Fodder wrote...

I can receive server logs and chat now.

But, can no longer kick/ban users by right clicking on the name, says that the name cannot be found. I'd assume this is probably an issue with UTF8.

On Dec 13, 2006 SETIssl wrote...

... like already been discussed in the forums... :roll:

On Jan 5, 2007 Kingsizerizla wrote...

yep works for me thanks guys ;)

On Jan 16, 2007 Stu Pidaso wrote...

Any chance of coming out with a "portable" version of HLSW. Would be nice to be able to use on a USB drive.

On Jun 26, 2007 English" wrote...

i still cant get it to recive chat! Grr. kick n ban no probs but really need to see what some players are saying. i have tried 1.4 1.5 and 1.6 all dont allow chat. is this going to be resolved or is there other software we can use that achives the same thing????

On Sep 20, 2011 fox wrote...


On Oct 23, 2011 bikram wrote...


On Oct 23, 2011 bikram wrote...