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HLSW Google Gadget

Tuesday, 31 October 2006

A simple google gadget has been created for use by HLSW users.
The gadget allows you to put some simple filters such as country and the game, and then the 10 most popular servers will be shown.
A demonstration of the Gadget is available.
To use the HLSW Google Gadget, goto your google personalised page
Click "Add more to this page"
Click "Add by URL"
Then enter this address into the URL:

To use the gadget return to the Google Personalised homepage
Click "Edit" to select your preferences
And then to connect to a server, click the HLSW icon and you will be instantly connected to your game via HLSW.

The majority of games that HLSW supports, the Gadget also supports, such as HL1 and mods, HL2 and mods, as well BF2, etc.
The HLSW Google Gadget is a new idea and is currently in development, to help us make it better, please contact us with any feedback you may have.

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User Comments

On Dec 18, 2006 Extreme_One wrote...

OK We have 2 servers:

One named: ΣVILTWIN|MATCH| * NEW 40 SLOT PUBLIC -> <- *

No matter what I do PocketHLSW Google Gadget will never 'find' the second server. It's weird!
The servers both have different versions of MANI installed and are on different boxes (both in UK)

Any ideas why this is happening?

On Dec 18, 2006 Extreme_One wrote...

FYI these are the servers as found by GameMonitor

^ that's the server that the Google Gadget can't find.

^ that's the server that the Google Gadget CAN find.