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Sunday, 15 October 2006

The HLSW website has recently been upgraded to allow us to begin publishing information in many different languages. However, we currently lack staff who are able to translate our content into other languages, other than German or English.

If you are able to translate English (or German) into either Chinese or French and are willing to help then please contact us.
Your responsibilities will be to initially translate the main website, and thereafter continue keeping the news upto date.

No HTML skills are required.

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User Comments

On Oct 19, 2006 mag00 wrote...

i can translate to brazillian portugues, if you want.


On Oct 20, 2006 roro98526 wrote...

I can translate in french ;)

On Nov 24, 2006 CeroT wrote...

And what about Spanish? I am Spanish and I could help, my spanish is perfect.
If you want, contact me at correodejorgeATgmailDOTcom